Saturday, July 25, 2009

Queer Bike Farmin' in Vermont

This is Rebecca Lay of 10 Speed Farm in Brattleboro, Vermont. We met up on Friday morning as she was harvesting turnips and salad greens for restaurant deliveries. Here she is cutting greens. 

                                     Baby kale for the salad.

More seedlings just coming up....

Rebecca rents the land for 10 Speed Farm at a former dairy farm up in the hills of Brattleboro. Rebecca has been farming on this land for one year, and this is her first season farming full time organic diverse veggies and herbs. She relies mostly on hand cultivation and has a rototiller, but because of the heavy rain in the Northeast this year she hasn't used it. 

Rebecca runs a modified CSA- every Monday she sends out a list to her members of what she has available on the farm that week and they let her know by Wednesday morning which is pick up day what they want. 

Washing veggies.

She also sells to local restaurants in town and delivers by bicycle.  Here she is about to head down the hill to town to make a delivery. 

These white egg turnips were spicy!

Go eggplant go!

The first cherries of the season- cool weather and lots of rain have held back the tomato harvest this year.

 There were some beautiful old structures on the land from the old dairy farm days.

The farm across the way.

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