Thursday, May 14, 2009

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: In a documentary film project about queer farmers.

The queer farmer film project is seeking participants who want to share their experiences, histories, understanding and knowledge as queer members of the agrarian community. The project will explore the dynamic relationships between gender, sexuality, and agriculture, with a particular focus on the hearts and hard work of America’s queer farmers.  The project will pose a central question: is there space for queerness in agricultural communities; and, if so, where and in what form does it manifest?

We seek self identified queer farmers anywhere along the LGBTQI spectrums- and specifically: people of color, older folks, those from many generations of farmers, CSA farmers, urban farmers, queer/feminist/faerie farmers living and working on land projects or in intentional communities, transpeople, genderqueers, and intersex farmers, those living in the Midwest or South, femmes, farmer teachers, and all others with dirt under their nails who are fabulous.

To communicate your interest in participating in this project please contact: or 510-314-9644.


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