Sunday, January 17, 2010

NYC Benefit Events a Success!

Many thanks to all who came out for the Queer Farmer Film Project benefit events in NYC. We packed the house at Bluestockings and threw a really great party in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. We raised a lot of money, thank you to all who donated and helped us move closer to our production goals! Here are some photos from the queer farmer panel/discussion at Bluestockings:

From left-right Karen Washington, Bilen Berhanu, Owen Taylor, Dana Gentile, Jonah Mossberg.
The discussion was a really interesting forum for talking about queerness and farming. Some of the questions I asked the panelists were, "What is the relationship between queerness and agriculture, if any?" "Is agriculture a safe place for queer folks? And if not, what needs to change?" 

Slow Food did a blog post about the event, which you can read here: Farming?! That's So QUEER!

Out-FM, WBAI 99.5FM's queer radio show covered the panel and put together this piece about Karen Washington which you can find here: Black Queer Farmer Karen Washington. You can also listen to an interview I did with Out-FM here

We estimate that about 200 people came to the party on January 9th. Here are some photos from the fun:

                                Sikelianos and Sikelianos sing it.
                                        thank you Bell's Roar
                                   My Gay Banjo twing twanging

                            everybody loves gay farmers